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Reactive HE Dyes

The reactive dyes provided by us impart excellent chemical properties and are manufactured by incorporating many technologies. These are available in undermentioned shades, chemical compositions and specifications.

Reactive Yellow HE6G Reactive Yellow - 135  
Reactive Yellow HER Reactive Yellow - 84  
Reactive G. Yellow HE4R Reactive Yellow - 81-A  
Reactive Orange HER Reactive Orange - 84  
Reactive Orange HE2R Reactive Orange - 84-A  
Reactive Red HE3B Reactive Red - 120  
Reactive Red HE5B Reactive Red  
Reactive Red HE7B Reactive Red - 141  
Reactive Red HE8B Reactive Red - 152  
Reactive Green HE 4B Reactive Green - 19  
Reactive Green HE 4BD Reactive Green - 19A  
Reactive Black HEBL Reactive Black  
Reactive Navy Blue HER Reactive Blue - 171  
Reactive Navy Blue HE2R Reactive Blue - 172  
Reactive Blue HERD Reactive Blue - 160  
Reactive Navy Blue HEGN Reactive Blue - 198  

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